WHA luty 2009r

abandoned fort
a rusy cannon sinks
into jasmine

 transl. by Anatoly Kudryavitsky

WHA czerwiec 2009

La pluie s’intensifie
Entre deux gouttes d’eau
Une goutte supplémentaire
GONG Revue francophone de haiku, styczeń 2009 rok

Au sommet de la montagne bleue
Le ciel grand ouvert
Je me sens léger
Comme si je n’étais jamais né

Anthologie Du Tanka Francophone wydana w marcu 2009 roku 
przez Les Editions du tanka francophone ISBN 978-2-9810770-6-6

Un paysage d’hiver
Peint en trois lignes
De haïku moderne

Le vent du printemps
Calligraphie le ciel
Les nuages et les éclairs

AGENDA 2010 wydana w październiku 2009
przez L’Association Francaise de Haiku ; ISSN/1763-5012

La première gelée-
Petit ange de la fontaine
S’arrête de pisser

Miedzynarodowy Konkurs Haiku organizowany
przez Societé Roumaine De Haiku. Maj 2009

Un arbre en hiver
Sur les branches sans feuilles
Que des étoiles 

cold --
the aspen leaves
shake with me

fresh morning—
the scent of rain
in your curly hair

blue sky
wind winnows
white sheets

grey sky
shadows of clouds move
through the streets

Sunny wedding day—
in my mother's hand
a wet handkerchief

Wedding night—
red wine
on her white dress

Wedding anniversary—
a lot of flowers
on the gravestone

WHA haiga - styczeń 2009

WHA haiga - luty 2009

WHA - marzec 2009

WHA - kwiecień 2009

WHA haiga - maj 2009

after the earthquake
the pieces of the moon
in my mirror

math class
I count each snowflake
on the window

after the storm
cherry petals among
the clouds

winter dawn
treetops still dark
with crows

summer ends
on a telephone wire
old trekking shoes

cloudless sky
only my memories dapple
her gravestone

Trevi fountain
our wishes sink
to the bottom

waiting for you --
the window changes
into a mirror


Christmas evening
the Santa Claus smells
like my father

rainy twilight
a chalk moon
slowly disappears

abandoned torii --
the gossamer web waves
between the posts

All Souls' Day ...
the moon rises
above her grave

first frosty night
fallen leaves covering
the white lawn

rain ending—
in every fallen leaf
sky clears up

autumn pond
the shadows of leaves
drift over the bottom

icy water—
the full moon
among the fallen leaves

harvest moon
at the end of a dirt road
the scent of stubble

scent of ripe apples
in the pantry window
harvest moon

here & there
on the pond
the star

tu i tamo
na ribnjaku

abandoned city -
only the tree shadows
move with the wind

na pusteni grad
samo se sjene drveca
krecu s vjetrom

tł. Organizatorzy Konkursu

WHA The 69th Haiga Contest
Haiku-Art-Galerie - IX2009

 Pokonkursowa Antologia "One Thousand Cranes"

market stroll —
rotating a coin
in my pocket 

empty chairs
at a sidewalk cafe ...
summer's end 

rearview mirror
a flash of lightning
again and again

autumn wind
leaf bookmark disappears
in the park

flood's end
through the rusty gate
a sunbeam

summer's end
the last cicada call
through the fog

cicada song...
my father tells a story
about his childhood

evening concert—
an empty cicada skin
full of moonlight

first date—
only our coats in the cloakroom
side by side

nude beach
her mud pies
so big

death anniversary
my father's handprint still
in the driveway

summer's end—
a thick fog coats
the maize field

autumn flashes—
the first light spots
in the chestnut lane

empty church
only the apostles' shadows
on the benches

night garden
in each dewdrop
the same moon

shades of the sky - rengay

Jacek Margolak     Mariusz Ogryzko 

fording the river—
up to my knees
in clouds

spring, in the window
wiping the faded sun

silent pond
my wrinkled face
and smooth moon

the last glass of whisky
on the bottom
first rays of sunshine

sky clears up—
my wheelbarrow full of blue

together on the meadow
in bloom

rasberry tea
I sip
the red moon

 Certyfikat od organizatorów The 20th Ito En “Oi Ocha!” New Haiku Contest